About Us

Emory Morsberger, President, Morsberger GroupIn 1991 Emory Morsberger, CEO of the Morsberger Group, founded Avalon homes, a strip of 350 town homes, and spearheaded the Highway 78 project to improve the declining conditions of the area. He became active in organizations, such as the Highway 78 Community Improvement District board, the Gwinnett County Revitalization Task Force, and the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce board, which promoted the success of Gwinnett County.

His trademark “Progress Coming” signs began to appear in the windows of empty buildings that lined the seemingly abandoned Lawrenceville City Square and the Morsberger Group was created. As an extension of his development firm Morsberger created Lawrenceville Properties. Stripping down the Square’s century old buildings to their original brick and wood floors, the Morsberger Group transformed the Lawrenceville Square into a bustling destination for fine dining, shopping, and entertainment.